Comicbook Universe


WACZ Media has begun the long process of creating characters for the many stories we intend to tell in our comicbook universe.  All progress reports will be posted here.  The SDPI short comic has been delayed, as we work to incorporate everything into one cohesive universe.

Error in Raw Comics and New Additions


An error has been discovered in the copyright info on most of the comics on the Raw Comics page.  The copyright symbol was auto-converted to the "@" symbol.  


The UFO schematic page has gone live.

New Developments


The SDPI proof of concept, single page comic is now in development.  SDPI is a reboot of The Phantom Fixation novel, which you can read for free, here.  It also takes place in the world of Elogem, centuries in the future.  New artwork for Constance Eva Lucian added to the gallery.  Constance is an orphan assassin who also exists in the SDPI time frame.


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