Still Working


Work on the comicbook project is still underway, as we're taking our time to build this world properly.  Most of the characters have been created and fleshed out in terms of their look, feel, and features.  We have a lot more work to be done, but there is progress.  We hope to reveal more of these characters soon.

Comicbook Universe


WACZ Media has begun the long process of creating characters for the many stories we intend to tell in our comicbook universe.  All progress reports will be posted here.  The SDPI short comic has been delayed, as we work to incorporate everything into one cohesive universe.

Error in Raw Comics and New Additions


An error has been discovered in the copyright info on most of the comics on the Raw Comics page.  The copyright symbol was auto-converted to the "@" symbol.  


The UFO schematic page has gone live.


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