WACZ Media produces various journals for writing down your daily thoughts.  You will find them in this section as they become available for purchase,

Mood Journal

300 pages / 150 sheets

Document your daily ideas and thoughts with a lined notebook designed for emotional expression. The book features a double-sided design: one for positive expressions and the other for negative expressions.

About this item:

  • Unique design features 150 double-sided pages per section with 75 sheets to write on, and 27 lines with 26 spaces, all totaling 300 pages

  • Numbered pages with section break after pg. 150

  • Vertical margins (left and right of pages)

  • Line spacing: 8 mm (0.31”)

  • Alternating date area (upper-left – section 1/upper-right – section 2)

  • White paper with black & white interior

  • Matte paperback cover

  • Size: 6" x 9"

Moon Journal (front).png

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Moon Journal pages.png