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WACZ Media produces various puzzle books for your enjoyment.  Whether it's word searches, mazes, crosswords, and more, you will find them in this section as they become available for purchase.

The Devil's WORDSEARCH II: Welcome to Hell

318 Puzzles

We hope you enjoyed the last WORDSEARCH.  We certainly enjoyed making it. However, we must delve deeper into the emblazoned pit, where the more vile and wretched content awaits.


Each puzzle contains a cauldron of 14 devious words and phrases to make Satan himself crack a smile. We expect that it will provide hours of fun and satisfaction. Of course, whenever you feel overwhelmed with indecisiveness, you may refer to the answer key provided at the back of the book. Are you up to the challenge?

WACZ Explicit is the label used when we make content for adults. It is an extension meant to create a wall of separation that is clear to the public. Whether you're into foul language or possibly offensive content, you will find them under this label.

The Devil's WORDSEARCH II (cover) (loores).png

About this item:

  • 402 pages of pure evil

  • 318 puzzles / 201 double-sided pages

  • Answer key in the back

  • Black & white interior with white paper

  • Matte cover

  • 8.5 x 11 in

Purchase at

The Devil's WORDSEARCH II_Welcome to Hell (COVER) (reduced).png
The Devil's WORDSEARCH II (sample pages).png
Brugamog (cropped).png
The Devil's WORDSEARCH II (in color)

105 Puzzles

Welcome, poor souls. We are delighted to see that you have finally arrived. Behold, the book of words from the Master himself. It's your turn to burn and burn you shall, for each puzzle contains a cauldron of 20 devious words to make the dark heart of the Master burn with soul-filled satisfaction. Even words that merely contain an unsavory term will not go missed, for the complexity of many of the words will help exercise your brain. We expect that it will provide hours of fun and satisfaction. Are you up to the challenge?

The Devil's Wordsearch (Cover) (FRONT) (COLOR) (rduced).png

About this item:

  • 105 puzzles / 213 double-sided pages

  • Answer key in the back

  • Matte cover

  • 6 x 9 in

Purchase at

Color | B&W

The Devil's Wordsearch (Cover) (COLOR) (rduced).png
The Devil's Wordsearch (Color example 1).png
The Devil's Wordsearch (color sample pages).png
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