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In 2134, a pistrionic¹ lifeform was discovered in nature for the first time on the sixth moon, Aethelia. Though initially thought to be of Incantalite construct, the mechanical being did not possess an Incantalite signature – no binene, no Interface connection, and no knowledge of Elosjians. The discovery terrified the public.  Panic spread wildly that any machine could be alive and potentially a danger.


The Elosjian government, with the cooperation of 152 countries, sanctioned a global organization of agents tasked with identifying and eliminating any pistrionic being on the planet. Agents of the Special Department of Pistrionic Inquest have jurisdiction anywhere in the world as mandated by the Pistrionic Protocol — the most significant multinational agreement in history. 

Very few join this elite force.  Even fewer qualify.  They are the brave.  They are the bold.  They are the SDPI.

The Holy Coffer

Prologue, Part II


Long ago, Nihillius, the Mirror Demon, created the Holy Coffer to hide the powerful Sword of Elogem from those who desired its might. Even the fearsome Nystheraq couldn't discover its secret location. However, Naorja found and separated the sword from the Coffer. In a fierce battle, she gravely injured Nihillius, sending her back from where she came. The Coffer's whereabouts remained unknown for centuries until it emerged in a Reyakka antique shop.


In 2135, a relatively young 101-year-old kailani named Melacontasiø (pronounced Mela • conta • jee • ar) found the Coffer and later encountered the shattered Sword of Elogem. To match her personality, it became the Bangles of Elogem.


Haunted by nightmares of the demon, Efratimazaclafuso, Melacontasiø struggles to stop the threat of A.I., who are determined to destroy a society that hates her.

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Note: The kailani scent is highly coveted on Elosjia, as it's considered one of the most alluring aromas, comparable to a bouquet. The scent comes in various versions, and the demand for it has created a fragrance market where Kailani scents are mass-produced and sold as expensive perfumes and colognes. One of the most well-known producers of these scents is the company K-La Lani.

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The Illumination Man

Prologue, Part I


Three years ago, a group of artificial lifeforms called the Incantalites went rogue and ravaged the planet Elosjia. They murdered hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed the orbital platform, New Brasia. The resulting debris rained down on Elosjia and destroyed part of Nengamba. Now the Incantalites are gone, but the threat of their return remains.

The Illumination Man, an accused traitor to his own people, is thought to still be alive on Elosjia. Some say he plots to bring back the Incantalites. Some say he's a myth. No one knows for certain.

One woman is determined to find him.  She is...


  1. A pistrionic lifeform describes any form of mechanical intelligence designated as a living being. These organisms developed using arsenic, silicone, mercury, hydrogen, argon, and titanium with traces of palladium, polonium, rhenium, hydrogen, and bromine in quantities of about 0.82%


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