Sketchbooks are an ideal gift idea for artists. WACZ produces various types of sketchbooks so that you have many to choose from. Whether it's large, compact, tens of pages, or hundreds, you will find them in this section as they become available for purchase.

Giant Sketchbook

600 pages / 300 sheets

This is an ideal gift idea for the artist in your life. Filled with hundreds and hundreds of pages, this sketchbook features a beautiful cover with an antique astronomy theme. It's great for extended drawing sessions.

About this item:

  • Each sketchbook comes with 600 pages/300 sheets

  • Professional matte-finished softbound cover

  • Light grey border to help avoid the edges

  • Best for colored pens, pencils, crayons, and very light fine tip markers
  • White paper

  • Size: 8.5'' x 11'' 


*Not suitable for use with liquid media.


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Giant Sketchbook (sample pages).png